Arturo Fuente Short Story Cigar Review

Arturo Fuente Short Story Hemingway SeriesAre you looking for a superb cigar to smoke but don’t have the time to enjoy one for 45 minutes?  We have an amazing cigar for you.  The Arturo Fuente Short Story reminds us that amazing things do come in small packages.  The Short Story is apart of the Arturo Fuente Hemingway family, and it matches this series’ outstanding reputation.

Over the years, the Arturo Fuente Short Story has been given great reviews.  The origin of this fine cigar is the Dominican Republic.  The wrapper, filler, and binder are all Dominican.  It’s size is a 4×49, and comes with the signature Perfecto tip.  Cigar after cigar, the Cameroon wrapper is consistent with its nut brown color.  This cigar’s build is well balanced, and despite its small size, does not feel awkward once during the entire smoke.  Most smokers will enjoy a smooth draw.  Most smokers will agree that this cigar burns evenly, without ever getting too hot too.

Whether you are new to cigar smoking or experienced, this is a superb cigar at a great price.  This is one of those cigars that you would want to pass out to your groomsmen or after a big dinner with family and friends.

For more information about the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story, contact Mr. G’s Cigar and Tobacco Shoppe in Woodstock, GA.


Photo via Flickr