An Easy Guide to Cigar Wrappers

Awhile back, we covered the differences between a natural and maduro cigar wrapper.  It’s a common question that customers ask us about more than you would think.  This infographic offers a great perspective and an easy way to explain to others the difference between wrappers.  Developing a little knowledge about the differences between cigar wrappers will help you in the future when shopping for cigars.  Keep in mind, the other components that make up a cigar such as the filler and binder could make two cigars with the similar wrappers taste completely different.  You may learn that you typically prefer cigars with Maduro wrappers, except for a few naturals are a bit more flavorful.

It’s always good to keep an open mind, and with the help of this guide you can identify a few of the components of the wrapper that you do and do not like for future references.

Leave a comment at the bottom about your favorite cigar wrapper, and if you ever make a few exceptions to your preferred taste.

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Cigar Wrapper Classifications – Infographic
Infographic by CheapHumidors

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