Alec Bradley and the Southern Gent Event Recap

Alec Bradley Black Market Filthy Hooligan CigarLast week, we had a special event at our cigar shop in Woodstock to kick start the St Patty’s Day celebrations for the weekend ahead. We had a fun crowd of cigarĀ and pipe enthusiasts who showed up for the event. Our pre St. Patrick’s Day smokes were made even more special with the help of Alec Bradley Cigars and their limited release “Filthy Hooligan” Black Market cigars (pictured right).

The afternoon was made even more special because of Kent, Alec Bradley’s Southern Gent, spending time at the cigar shop. Of course, he fit in well at the cigar shop and everyone had a great time getting a chance to kick back with him and enjoy a few new Black Market cigars.

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If you’re looking to end your weekend on a high note, visit the cigar shop on Sundays and hang out with Mr. G.

I believe it’s time for another cigar…