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We will never forget…

We thank and celebrate the heroes that continue to make our nation great.


Welcome to the World of Cigars – Cigars 101

Walking into your local cigar shop can seem a little overwhelming when you’re new to cigars. Walls filled with cigars from floor to ceiling could be a little intimidating if you’re not sure what you’re looking for in a cigar. If you’re new to cigars, we suggest talking to some of the locals in the shop. Ask what them about the cigar that they are smoking and if they have any recommendations. Talk to the tobacco shop owner to see if they are running any mix and match specials so that you can try a variety.

Cigar Shop Woodstock GA

Here are a few resources that we have put together for new cigar smokers.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at our cigar shop in Woodstock, Georgia.


5 Historical Cigar Smokers We Will Never Forget

Whether it’s a painting or a photograph, great people who have changed the world are often remembered through time with imagery. There are certain people, possibly the most impactful of them all, that affected the world while smoking a cigar. Here are five cigar smoking people who were extraordinary and will forever leave a mark in history. Leave a comment at the end of the post with a your favorite historical figure that enjoyed cigars.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

Mark Twain Cigar Smoking

Mark Twain

CS Lewis Pipe Smoking

CS Lewis

Babe Ruth with Cigar

“Babe” Ruth

thomas edison cigar

Thomas Edison


Buying from Your Local Cigar Shop

Event at Mr G's Cigar Shop

Whether you are new to smoking cigars or a seasoned veteran, there are many advantages to buying cigars from your local cigar shop. While the internet has brought us many amazing things, such as the ability to connect with each other, some important things that come with buying cigars seem to be lost when purchasing over the internet. We believe that there are just some characteristics unique to buying your cigars in a local cigar shop that just aren’t worth passing up.

Advantages of Purchasing from Your Local Cigar Shop

Here are a few of our favorite reasons for buying your cigars from your local shop versus buying from an online retailer.

  • You’re supporting your local economy.
  • You receive personalized customer service. Ask your local cigar merchant about different blends, brands, and more.
  • Buy a variety of cigars at a time. At our cigar shop in Woodstock, Georgia, we offer discounts for cigar smokers that want to try a variety of cigars rather than commit to an entire box of the same stick. If you’re new to cigar smoking, this is a must. Try different cigars and find which ones you like most. Chances are that you won’t just fall in love with one.
  • Enjoy your cigars immediately when you purchase them from your local shop. If you plan on buying multiple boxes, your local shop can get a fresh shipment in typically faster than an online retailer.
  • When you buy from a local cigar shop, you get the opportunity to see and feel the actual product. You don’t need to worry about what you’re actually getting like you would from an online retailer.
  • Join the community of cigar smokers at your local shop. Your brick and mortar cigar shops generally keep a group of local cigar enthusiasts that come by for an after work smoke, or to watch football on Saturdays and Sundays. Meet up with like minded people and enjoy fresh cigars.
  • If price is the only issue, talk to your local cigar shop owner.
  • Hangout with Mr. G

Support your local economy, enjoy the community, and enjoy a more personal cigar experience when you buy from your neighborhood cigar shop.


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Happy 4th of July

We’ll be open on July 4th from 9am-4pm.

Stop in and get your cigars for the day. And never forgot what it took to enable us to be free….

Lady Liberty - Fireworks and the Fourth of July


No Wedding Is Complete Without Cigars for Sharing

Parents around Towne Lake are starting to watch their kids take a big step into the next chapter of their lives; marriage. Like any big step or momentous occasion, it’s highly suggested that you enjoy some celebratory cigars. One of the newest trends that friends of the cigar shop are telling us is that they keep running into cigar bars at weddings. We think this is a fantastic way to surprise your guests and even the groom.

Wedding Cigar Bar


Alders Photography captured a great example of a cigar bar done well. Providing a nice whiskey selection to go along with the cigars was a nice touch as well.

Affordable Cigar Bar Options

Creating a cigar bar doesn’t have to break the bank either. At Mr. G’s Cigars & Tobacco Shoppe, we offer specials on 20 mix and match cigars and full box purchases, which make it more affordable for you to surprise the groom with an extra special wedding surprise. Remember, there are also some fantastic cigars that are affordable as well. Keep an open mind and plan accordingly. Try providing cigars of all shapes and sizes to meet a variety of people. Many more guests might want to enjoy a smaller cigarillo, which is an affordable option to mix into the cigar bar.

Delivering Fresh Cigars at the Wedding

Many people might wonder how you can keep your cigars fresh while laid out for the wedding. There are a few ways to make sure your cigars aren’t damaged before or during the celebration. The number one thing you can do is to keep the cigars out of direct sunlight. If you buy cigars that are packed with the cellophane wrap, keep them wrapped for extra protection. Keep them from extreme temperatures and humidity. If you don’t have a humidor to store the cigars in before or during the wedding, you can create a few makeshift humidors. Depending on the number of cigars you want to serve, you can use a few zip lock bags to keep your cigars fresh. If you plan on throwing a huge wedding, you might even want to consider using a coolidor to transport your stash of cigars for the wedding.

If you’re interested in incorporating a cigar bar into a wedding or anniversary celebration, ask us about discounts that would help you build a cigar bar to remember! 


Wedding Photography by Alders Photography


Rocky Patel Premium Cigar Event at Mr G’s Cigars

Mark your calendars for another fun event at Mr. G’s Cigar and Tobacco Shoppe in Woodstock, Georgia. Take a break from the summer heat, and kick off your weekend with a few fantastic cigars, a beverage, and a few deals as well.

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars are fairly new to the cigar scene, but as you may know, the brand and the man behind them have quickly risen in popularity and recognition due to their high quality. A Cigar Aficionado interview with Patel covers the impact of a 95 out of 100 score for his 10th Anniversary smoke, “the impressive growth of his company and his efforts to confront the challenges that face the American cigar industry in the form of prohibition and exorbitant taxes.”

Below I’ve listed a few of the most important details regarding our upcoming cigar event. If you want to learn more about upcoming deals before the event, make sure that you’re signed up for our newsletter that we send out a week before the event.

The Details

Mr. G’s Cigar and Tobacco Shoppe
invites you to
A Rocky Patel Premium Cigar Special Event
with good company
and great cigars

4pm to 8pm
Friday, June 21, 2013

2370 Towne Lake Parkway
Woodstock, Georgia 30189


Rocky Patel Cigars - Woodstock, GA


Grab a Cigar and Hit the Links

Golf Courses in Woodstock, GA

If you’ve been to our cigar shop in Woodstock, Georgia, then you know that Mr. G (Tom) loves to spend time playing golf whenever possible. We know that the beautiful Georgia weather is going to have you itching to go out with your friends for 18 holes as well. There are plenty of courses around Woodstock to keep you busy this summer, so grab a few cigars, get some buddies together, and get ready to have a relaxing summer. Check out the map below to find a course closest to you, or maybe one that you need to check out for yourself.

View Golf Courses in Woodstock in a larger map

Golf Courses In (or around) Woodstock

  • Towne Lake Hills Golf Club
  • Eagle Watch Golf Club
  • The Golf Club at Bradshaw Farm
  • Bridgemill Athletic Club
  • Pinetree Country Club
  • Cobblestone Golf Course
  • Canton Country Club
  • Brookfield Country Club

Enjoy a summer filled with golf, cigars, and plenty of relaxing. Don’t forget to take photos of you and your buddies enjoying cigars on the course and tag Mr G’s on Facebook or on Twitter (@MrGsCigars).


5 Summer Friendly Beers to Try

Red Hare Brewing Co - Watership Brown AleWe’re always looking for good spots that are cigar “friendly”. Unfortunately, when things heat up during the spring and summer, we often forget about the rules regarding where you can bring a cold beer to enjoy with your cigar. Whether it’s the pool, the river, the lake, or the beach, there seems to be a common theme of “no glass allowed”. A few years ago, this might translate to just a handful of canned beer options for you to pack into the cooler.

The good news is that canned beer typically remains fresher for a longer, travels well, and can be disposed of easily. While controversy surrounds Anheuser Busch about watering down their beer, craft breweries have been producing more high quality canned beers. Here are a few canned beers that you can find around Woodstock, Georgia.

5 Canned Beers to Try

  • Watership Brown Ale by Red Hare Brewing Co – This hopped up American Brown Ale is brewed and canned in Marietta, Georgia. It comes in at 7.2% ABV with a nice blend of hops and sweetness. 
  • Dale’s Pale Ale by Oskar Blues Brewery – This pale ale weighs in at 6.5% ABV and is highly regarded as trailblazer of canned beer in the craft beer world.
  • Summer Ale by Brooklyn Brewery – Brooklyn Brewery knew exactly how important a good can and summer inspired ale go hand in hand. It looks as if they planned for you to take this beer out onto the water, so why don’t you give it a shot this summer when you’re by the lake?
  • White Rascal by Avery Brewing Co – This white beer (Witbier) is extremely refreshing and perfect for relaxing by the ocean.  It has a nice citrus and spice flavor that you would come to expect from similar white beers.
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon by Pabst Brewing Co – Sometimes you just need a cheap, light, and refreshing beer. PBR’s made popular the term “Tall Boys”, which refer to their 24oz cans (which are available in 6-packs) for next to nothing. This American Adjunct Lager is one of the more flavorful, and highest rated in the category.

Whether you hit the golf course, float down the river, or crisp on the beach, try grabbing a can of beer to enjoy with your cigar.

Wherever you go to enjoy your cigar this spring and summer, make sure you share a picture with your cigars from Mr. G’s on our Facebook page. Let us know what you’re smoking!




Should You Get Your Humidor Ready for the Summer?

Humidor with cigars
Now that the warm months are right around the corner, humidity and temperatures can rise quickly around the area. It’s important that you keep a close eye on your cigar humidor as the seasons begin to change. There are a few reasons why you might need to check in on your cigars.

  • Cigar Beetles thrive in tropical environments, and a hot room or office, with an extra humid humidor make for a perfect environment for young tobacco beetles. 
  • Humidity can build in your humidor quickly during these upcoming months, causing mold and decay.
  • If you’re more of a seasonal smoker (I hear they exist), then you need to check on your cigars to make sure they are properly humidified altogether. Hopefully, you didn’t let them dry out over the dry winter months.

Whether you take impeccable care of your cigars during the year, it’s always a good idea to periodically check on your humidor to make sure it is properly maintained. Check your humidity levels to make sure everything is in order. Check all of your cigars for any possible cigar beetle damage as well.

If you happen to open up your humidor and you realize that you’re running low, stop by the cigar shop and grab some new cigars to fill your fresh humidor.

If you need a new humidor, sign up for Mr. G’s Newsletter and keep an eye out for upcoming specials.