How to Choose a Cigar Cutter

There are plenty of different ways to prepare your cigar for smoking.  Depending on whether you are a novice or experienced cigar smoker, your preference pertaining to the type of cigar cutter used may vary.

There are three main types of cutters that I suggest and sell at my cigar shop in Woodstock, GA.  Here are the cigar cutters that the majority of my customers ask about:

Cigar Cutters

  • Cigar “Hole” Punch – A hole punch is usually reserved for most novice smokers.  It’s easy to use and it can be carried on a key chain.  However, there are a few problems with cigar hole punches.  The taste and draw of the cigar can be affected by a hole punch that does not match the gauge of the cigar.  Tar builds up at the hole and can drastically change the taste of your cigar.  A hole punch to small for a cigar can also ruin the draw.  The hole punch is great for those who do not understand how to cut a cigar yet, but don’t worry.  Mr. G would be happy to help you learn the basics of cutting your cigar when you stop in for a few new sticks.
  • Wedge “V” Cigar Cutter – A wedge cigar cutter is one of the more common cutters that you can find.  The wedge cigar cutter is also known as a “V” cigar cutter.  This is a great cutter for beginners to cigar smoking.  The single blade action helps prevent a cut too deep into the cigar.
  • Straight Cigar Cutter – The straight cigar cutter is the most popular cigar cutter in the industry.  The double blade guillotine is preferred by most cigar aficionados because of the clean cut that it makes.  Just like the other cutters, the straight cigar cutter can easily be carried in the pocket, while the blades are protected.

At the end of the day, choosing your cigar cutter boils down to preference.  Sign up to the free newsletter to learn about special cigar cutter offers and cigar events that we enjoy around town and out of the country.

What is your favorite style of cigar cutter? Leave a comment!

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