The Differences Between a Natural and Maduro Cigar Wrapper

When you walk into our cigar shop and start browsing our cigar collection, you might begin to notice that the majority of the cigars in the humidor are labeled natural or Maduro.  The labels are referring to a cigar’s wrapper.  The natural wrapper and themaduro wrapper are two very different styles and tastes, that offer you a variety of tastes when enjoying your cigars.  Occasionally, you will find a cigar that is hard to differentiate between a natural and a Maduro wrapper, but for the most part,  they offer different tastes for you to enjoy.

The Maduro wrapper is typically darker in color.  The color of a Maduro wrapper can vary between cigars and brands, but they can range from a dark brown to midnight black (Double Maduro or Oscuro.)  Maduro cigars vary in flavor as well.  They are typically more complex than a natural wrapper, just like a dark beer typically has a more complex flavor than a lighter beer.  This difference comes from the Maduro’s fermenting process, which gives it the darker color and its stronger taste.  Flavors from a Maduro wrapper range from a chocolate taste to a peppery, spice taste.

Cigars - Natural wrapper

The natural wrapper on cigars provide a lighter taste.  Natural cigar wrappers are typically grown under a cheese cloth to protect the tobacco from the sun.  It’s this slow drying process that gives it a tan appearance.  They do not have the sweet, smooth taste of a Maduro.  Remember, not all cigars are created equal, which means that some natural wrappers can still deliver a kick; However, they will typically be less full bodied than Maduro cigars.

Some cigar smokers enjoy both wrappers.  A fine natural wrapper during the day, and a Maduro for dessert after dinner is always fitting.  No matter which wrapper you prefer, the good news is that there are plenty of varieties to choose from as each style of wrapper is different depending on where the tobacco was grown and aged.

Which wrapper do you prefer, or do you prefer natural and Maduro?  Leave a comment!

Image via Flickr

Image via Flickr

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