How to Tell if You Have a Real Cuban Cigar

Cuban cigars are an illegal luxury long sought after in the United States.  Unfortunately, many of those who are able to snag a Cuban cigar are most likely smoking a counterfeit.  The counterfeit Cuban cigars that most Americans smoke are not rolled in Havana at all.  However, there are a few ways that you can tell whether you have a counterfeit Cuban or not.

How to Tell if Your Cuban Cigar is Real or Not

  • Cuban cigars have a very distinctive ash.  Look at the ask for a dark grey, opposed to the lighter, almost white, gray that come from most non-Cuban cigars.
  • The cap wrapper on an authentic Cuban cigar is finished with three individual wrappers that you can easily see.
  • Were the cigars packed in cellophane?  This is an indicator that you have a box of fake Cuban cigars.
Some experts will tell you to look at the box, or even inside the box to spot the fakes.  Unfortunately, counterfeiters are three steps ahead of you.  Man reuse Cuban cigar boxes and repackaged their fakes.  Be sure that you do not fall victim to the wide spread counterfeit Cuban cigar scheme.
Have any other tips for spotting a counterfeit?  Leave a comment!
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