Padron Series 2000 Cigar Review

If you haven’t enjoyed a Padron 2000 yet, you will soon enough.  The Padron 2000 is an extremely popular cigar, especially in the Maduro wrapper.  There are plenty of good reasons as to why the Padron 2000 Maduro flies off of the shelf so fast. including its consistently high rating.

The 2000 Natural and Maduro both come in a 5×50 robusto, which makes it a very preferable cigar size.  Cigar smokers enjoy the Padron 2000’s size for its smoke time, and the gauge allows for a cool, comfortable draw.  The draw from the Padron 2000 allows for a larger amount of cool smoke, making it very tough to get this cigar too hot to smoke.  When the cigar is taken care of properly in your humidor, the burn is very even throughout the entire smoke time.

I prefer the Padron 2000 Maduro.  The taste is sweet and nutty, with hints of spices throughout the entire smoke.  As it burns (evenly,) the spices continue through the entire stick.  By the time you hit the middle of the cigar, the spices subside (just a bit) and you have a flavor mix of cocoa or coffee bean.  The bean and nut flavors come out, along with a bit more wood and earth.  At this time, the cigar is still extremely smooth.

Both Padron 2000s are very affordable, and a great buy for everyday smoking.  They have also become one of my g0-to cigars when introducing a friend to proper cigar smoking.  I know before hand, that most first timers, occasional smokers, and every day cigar smokers can enjoy a Padron 2000.  It’s a very solid smoke that should be added to every personal humidor.

Have you ever enjoyed a Padron 2000?  Leave a comment!

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