Where to Store Your Cigar Overstock at Home

Many of our regular customers at Mr. G’s Cigar and Tobacco Shoppe are able to maintain a steady collection of cigars to keep their humidor or two stocked well, but never overflowing.  We are currently running a new deal through our Facebook page that allows customers to knock off 20% of their total price after checking into the shop ten times with their mobile device.  As the holidays approach, you can imagine as to how many of our cigar customers will be coming in to take advantage of 20% off cigars by the boxes.  The biggest problem for these customers, however, will be where to store all of their cigars.

If you happen to take advantage of some major deals like the one we are running over the next month, then you might run out of room in your humidor.  A great solution, whether temporary or permanent, is to store your cigars in a “Coolerdor.”  The Coolerdor is your average beer cooler turned into a humidor.  It is a cheap, easy, and useful way to maintain the quality of your cigars while still in their box.  The Coolerdor is easy to setup and build for yourself or as a gift to a friend.  Before committing a few boxes, make sure you test your coolerdor out to be sure that it will maintain proper humidity.  You will need to keep the cigars in their boxes while in the coolerdor.  Due to the fact that the boxes are made from Spanish cedar, it is very similar to keeping the cigars in a humidor (without mixing flavors by accident over time.)  Keep a hygrometer in the coolerdor, as you would your normal humidor.  While you could continue going the “homemade” route with a makeshift humidifier, a nice crystal-based humidifier will do just fine to keep your sticks in tip-top condition.

How do you store your extra cigars that won’t fit into your humidor(s)? Leave a comment!

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