Choosing Your Pipe Tobacco

New pipe smokers and experienced pipe smokers often ask, “What pipe tobacco should I smoke?”  This is a question that lead Mr. G’s Cigar and Tobacco Shoppe to increase the variety of blends that we carry for pipe smokers.  Most pipe smokers in the states will come across English or American blends.

Nearly all of these blends include Virginia tobacco.  The Virginia tobacco is one of the most used, if not the most used, tobacco in pipe blends.  This tobacco offers a pleasant, sweet and subtle fruit flavor for pipe smokers.  Virginia tobacco contains a higher sugar content, than most pipe tobacco used in blends.  Whether you pick and American style, or English blend, you are most likely smoking a Virginia tobacco in the blend.

English blends vary greatly.  Many of them use oriental or turkish tabaccos.  These tabaccco leafs, though small, pack a bigger punch of flavor.  Oriental tobaccos are highly regarded for their big flavor and aromatic quality.  Virginia tobacco is typically blended as the base for oriental English blends.

Most American blends are made with burley, which gives a nutty flavor to the pipe tobacco blend and an extra kick of nicotine.  Burley tobacco takes on similar characteristics in flavor from the tobacco it is blended with.

Aromatic pipe tobaccos are extremely enjoyable.  The English flavors might have more of a spice tastes to them, while American tobaccos may have more of a sweet flavor.  Aromatic tobacco can be blended with nearly any flavor imaginable.  Cherry, vanilla, and caramel are most widely used with these types of blends.

The discussion about different types of tobacco could go on forever.  This is merely a brief overview of the most popular types of pipe tobacco and blends.  If you are serious about find the right blend for you, one of the best ways to find your go-to blend is by trying a variety for yourself.  Many pipe smokers will save a pipe for English blends and a separate pipe for American blends. If you clean your pipe well after enjoying each blend, you should have no trouble while finding your favorite type.  Contact Mr. G about your pipe smoking questions or stop by to see our variety of pipe tobacco blends.  Some pipe smokers enjoy taking two or three different blends that we sell and making their own.  The combinations are endless.

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