The Art of Pipe Smoking – A Beginner’s Guide

Pipe smoking attracts people from all walks of life. Thanks to the generally low prices of pipe tobacco and a wide variety of pipes, many people find it easy to enjoy a good pipe smoke. Just like cigar smoking, enjoying a pipe takes a bit of technique, and it even requires a few tools if you plan on enjoying your pipe for years to come. At our Woodstock cigar shop, we have been striving to increase the availability of fine pipe tobacco for our local customers.

You don’t need to be Albert Einstein or C.S. Lewis to enjoy a good pipe. Here are a few tips for pipe smoking beginners.

  1. Start with an Affordable Pipe: The quality of a pipe smoke dramatically increases as you upgrade to a high quality pipe. That said, most pipe smokers start out enjoying pipes starting out with corn cob pipes. These are extremely affordable, and they’re great for figuring out whether or not you enjoy a pipe. If you enjoy it, you can always upgrade your pipe later. If you don’t like it as much as smoking cigars, you can toss the corn cob pipe in the trash with little money spent.
  2. Buy a Pipe Tamper: While it’s not absolutely necessary to use a tamper, we strongly advise you spend a couple of dollars and add it to your pipe tool kit. The tamper will allow you to crush the ash after lighting if you need to relight your pipe later on in the smoke.
  3. Grab Pipe Cleaners: Pipe cleaners are used to clean the pipe and are essential to maintaining a quality pipe and enjoying future smokes for years to come.
  4. Light Your Pipe with Wood Matches: The majority of pipe smokers prefer lighting their tobacco with wooden matches for temperature and flavor control.
  5. Find a Quality Pipe Tobacco: When you buy pipe tobacco, you buy it by weight. A quality pipe tobacco store will properly maintain their pipe tobacco collection. Pipe tobacco comes in many flavor types, styles, and quality. One of the many great things about smoking a pipe is that it is very affordable to try multiple types of pipe tobacco on a limited budget.

If you’re interested in pipe smoking, contact us or stop by our tobacco shop to learn more. 

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