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We are proud to introduce our two new lines of pipe tobacco from Peter Stokkebye and Lane Limited. We are also introducing a large variety of pipe tobacco tins from Peterson and CAO.

Mr G’s does its best to cater to all levels of the pipe smoker, whether you are a novice who is just getting into the world of pipes or a seasoned aficionado. To that end we have a pipe for you.

No matter where you are on your pipe journey. Mr. G’s also sells a vast array of pipe accessories. We have a variety of pipe lighters and tools, just to mention two items out of many.

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Mr. G’s Cigar Shop offers a wide selection of pipe tobacco brands and styles.

Peter Stokkebye: The Stokkebye name is practically synonymous with pipe tobacco. One of the great Danish tobacco dynasties, it started with Erik Peter Stokkebye in 1855. Erik Peter Stokkebye’s tobacco shop would open in 1882, becoming a family business that stayed wildly successful.

Lane Limited: Originally founded in 1890 in Dresden, Germany, Lane Limited was passed down from generation to generation and has since changed hands many times along the way. Through such transitions, however, the company never lost its focus — providing high-quality pipe tobacco and fan-favorite blends to pipe smokers across the globe.

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