How To: Cut and Light Your Cigar

For those of you who are new to cigar smoking, you may be confused on how to properly cut and light a cigar. Some cigar veterans might even have the wrong technique. In this blog you will find out the proper ways to both cut and light a cigar.

Once you have picked out the perfect cigar, you will anxious to get home and enjoy it. Before smoking the cigar, you will need to properly cut it.

 Cutting a cigar

 Once you have selected the cigar cutter you are going to use, it is time to get started. Lets assume you are using the straight cigar cutter (the guillotine cut). The closed end of the cigar (the head) is the one that you are going to be putting in your mouth; it’s also the end that you will be cutting. Start by holding the cigar with one hand and the guillotine with the other. Once you have found where you are going to cut, (about 1/8 a way down), insert the cigar head into the guillotine and cut into the cap. Make sure that you are not cutting to close into the body of the cigar, because this might unravel your cigar. Once the cigar is properly cut, you’re ready to light it.

 Lighting a cigar

When properly lighting a cigar you will want to have a lighter in one hand, while holding the cigar around its band in the other. When lighting the cigar make sure that you position the cigar right above the top of the flame, without touching it. As you are holding the flame and cigar, begin rotating the cigar while puffing into it; this is the step where most beginners go wrong, and may take up to 20 seconds. The cigar will become ready once the tobacco around the bottom rim begins to glow.


Now that your cigar is cut and lit properly, enjoy your time: relaxing alone, catching up with friends or possibly watching sports.

What is your favorite way to enjoy your cigar? Leave us a comment; we would love to hear from you?