How Long Can Cigars Stay Fresh?

cigar humidorDo you plan on buying a box of cigars anytime soon?  Hopefully you have a plan for keeping your cigars fresh once you bring them home for the cigar shop.  Once you walk out of our humidor with a factory sealed box of cigars, your new sticks will begin try dry out within a day if left to their own.  It is important that you add your new box of cigars to your humidor, your coolidor, or to your makeshift humidor as soon as possible as to not damage the cigars.

Keep Your Cigars Fresh without a Humidor

If you haven’t bought a humidor yet, you can create a makeshift one that will keep your cigars safe enough.  If you are buying out of town, or just haven’t bought your new humidor yet, you need to go to your local grocery store and buy a large freezer Ziplock bag.  Next, put a small piece of damp (not dripping) paper towel to the bag.  Keep your damp paper towel to around a 2 inch square.  Storing your cigars in a plastic Ziplock bag should be a temporary fix.  Maintaining the humidity can be somewhat burdensome and easily forgotten.  Let us know if we can help you with finding the right cigar storing solution for your budding collection.