How to Choose a Good Cigar

Before you pick out a cigar or two to take out on your weekend away, there are a few things to consider when choosing the right one.  If you keep your cigars in a personal humidor, the same signals should help you know whether your humidor is in good condition or not too.  There are many things to consider when picking out a cigar, whether it be taste, feel, price, or even size.  These tips will help you pick out the right cigar.

The Construction of a Cigar

  • The cigar should look good and feel good.  Is the wrapper coming apart?  Does the cigar have a crisp, dry, feel to it?  This is a good sign that the cigar is not in good shape.  Try picking another one.  If it comes from your personal humidor, make sure that the temperature and humidity are up to standards.
  • The cigar should be firm, but not too firm.  If the cigar feels too hard to the touch, it might be packed too tightly.  The draw from a cigar that is rolled too tight will be tough to pull from, and thus, ruining the smoking experience.  If the cigar is rolled too loose, then the draw might be easy, but the cigar will burn hot and fast.
  • Look for blemishes on the cigar.  Check for blemishes throughout the rest of the box as well.

The Cigar, Once Lit

  • The cigar should burn evenly throughout the entire smoke.  An uneven burn is a sign that the cigar might have been rolled improperly.
  • The temperature of the cigar should stay consistent.  A hot cigar could be a sign of poor manufacturing.  On the other hand, a hot burning cigar could be a sign of user error.  Be sure that you are not constantly drawing from the cigar.  Give it a few seconds, enjoy the flavor, the aroma, and take a sip of something smooth.  If the cigar continues to burn too hot, then it could be due to the lack of firmness in the rolling of the cigar.
  • Give the cigar manufacturer another shot.  The same tobacco may be used throughout the enter cigar line, but that does not mean that each cigar is the same.  The manufacture’s Robusto might be a better overall cigar than a Toro or a Presidente.  Try one or two different types of sizes.

That was a brief run down of how to choose a good cigar.  Of course, the final point in finding a cigar you love is the overall user satisfaction.  Find your go-to cigar, but do not forget to try other great cigars out there.

Hang out at your local cigar shop and ask around to see what everyone else enjoys smoking too.  If you live around the Woodstock, GA area, you can also sign up for local cigar events and trips by contacting us.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning that good quality cigar also looks good with a firm roll that does not come apart and the wrapper should not be not too dry. I am actually looking this up since I am looking for a gift to give my dad for his birthday next month. I should shop online and see more information about which brands have the best ratings.

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