Tools You Need for Pipe Smoking

Pipe smoking is a very enjoyable pastime for many these days.  The smoke, the taste, the smell, and the feel of the pipe are completely different from smoking a cigar.  Typically, a smoker prefers a pipe or a cigar.   They are hardly ever enjoyed by one person just the same; although, it is not unheard of for a cigar smoker to love smoking a pipe, and a pipe smoker love to smoke cigars.

If you are thinking about buying a tobacco pipe for the first time, there are a few tools that you will need to make sure that your pipe stays in good smoking condition.  A pipe that is well taken care of can be passed down from generation to generation.

Tobacco Pipe Tools

  • Pipe Tamper – The tamper is used to pack the pipe tobacco in the bowl.  Once you fill the bowl up, gently compress the tobacco with your tamper.  Look for a tamper with round edges and one flat edge.  Most tampers come as part of a 3 in 1 tool that includes a scooper and a reamer as well.  Buying a 3 in 1 tool helps save space for the pipe smoker who likes to carry his pipe at all times.
  • Pipe Cleaners – Stock up on pipe cleaners when you buy a new tobacco pipe.  They are used to clear the pipe before smoking from leftover ash from the previous smoke.  Pipe cleaners are also necessary for cleaning your pipe after a smoke as well.  It’s important to clean out the ash and dottle (leftover saliva) from your pipe.  DO NOT tap your pipe, hit it, or slam it on a surface.  This will damage the pipe.  The pipe cleaner is used as an effective and gentle approach to cleaning your pipe thoroughly.
  •  Fire – Choosing the method of lighting your pipe is all about preference, similar to how cigar smokers have a preference themselves.  Many pipe smokers prefer using matches because of the temperature of the flame, and a more natural flavor.
These are the basic tools needed for a pipe tobacco smoker.  It’s nice to keep an extra of each, especially as you can find most of these items at an extremely inexpensive price at your local cigar and pipe shop.
If you have any questions about pipes, pipe accessories, or pipe tobacco, feel free to stop by the cigar shop or leave a comment!
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