How to Fix Overhumidified Cigars

Humidor with cigars

Now that the warm, summer months are upon us, there is a common problem among cigar smokers that hits in our climate especially; over humidified cigars.  Before you give up and toss your soggy cigars away, there is hope for saving your cigars.  Overhumidification is a common problem, especially in the humid climate of Georgia.  Here are a few ways to help your cigars survive the south, and avoid overhumidifacation.

  • Add Cedar Strips:  The cedar used in cigar boxes and your humidor helps maintain optimum moisture levels for your cigars.  Try adding cedar strips to your humidor.  Add a strip to the bottom, a strip in the middle, and a strip on the top.  Give your humidor around 24 hours to adjust, and you will see the humidity levels drop.  Keep a close eye on your cigars to make sure that too much humidity is not pulled into the cedar.  Add or remove cedar as you see fit to reach optimal humidity.
  • Remove Your Humidification Device:  Removing your humidification device is also an easy way to reduce the humidity levels in your humidor.  While adding cedar strips is most likely a better option, removing a humidification device in your humidor is a viable option to restoring levels.

The last thing you want to do is leave your humidor open to restore levels.  The dramatic change in humidity could destroy your cigars for good.  During the summer months, keep a close eye on your sticks to make sure there is not too much moisture.  Not only can they become over saturated, but they could begin to mold if not properly monitored.

The good news is that the weather is beautiful, and it is optimal time for enjoying some time on the golf course in Woodstock, Georgia with your favorite cigar.  If you have any questions about maintaining your humidor, please contact us or visit us in the cigar shop.  We would be happy to help!

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