Best Tobacco Pipes for Beginners

The many different types of tobacco pipes available in the market seem overwhelming, especially for new smokers. So here’s a detailed guide for the best tobacco pipes for beginners to make the process of choosing your pipe easy peasy. We’ve broken it down into categories to give you the necessary information.

Whether you are considered a veteran when it comes to using pipe tobacco or a novice, it can be quite hard to find a smoking pipe with a quality that fits your needs. After all, a good quality tobacco pipe is an investment regardless of its price.

Now let’s get into the details.

Best Tobacco Pipes for Beginners: Tobacco Pipe vs. Pipe Tobacco

A tobacco pipe, or simply called pipe, is a device specifically designed and made to smoke tobacco. It has a bowl that serves as a chamber to hold the tobacco. Connected to that chamber is a thin hollow stem with a mouthpiece at the end.

Pipe tobacco, on the other hand, is a loose tobacco leaf that is seasoned to create a unique aroma and flavor to make it distinct from other varieties of smoking tobacco. It is a combination of different kinds of tobacco leaves blended to achieve a desired strength level and flavor. These leaves are also fermented in different ways to make the flavors more distinct from each other.

Pipe smoking is the traditional way of smoking tobacco.

Best Tobacco Pipes for Beginners

Tobacco pipes can range from a very simple machine-made one to a very expensive hand-made model. Most tobacco pipes that are hand-made by prominent pipe makers are collector’s items.

Corn Cob

A corn cob pipe is a tobacco pipe that uses a dried corncob for its bowl. Although inexpensive, corn cob pipes are highly functional. If you just started your pipe and smoking journey, a corn cob pipe can be your first tobacco pipe.

Corn cob pipes are ready to use and don’t need any break-in period. If you’re worried about using bad tobacco in your pipe, a corn cob pipe is a great alternative for sampling. Many people use corn cob pipes as a backup.


Briar is a wooden tobacco pipe made of briar wood, which is considered the strongest type of wood for tobacco pipes. It is naturally resistant to fire and absorbs moisture easily. It also makes for an attractive pipe because of its beautiful grain patterns. Indeed the best choice for everyday use.


A brylon pipe is made of a resin material combined with sawdust. Although heavier compared to a briar pipe, it is way cheaper. It can also last a lifetime since it is resistant to dents, scratches, and other damages common to other pipes. The only downside of brylon is it heats up fast when used too quickly.


Have you decided on the best tobacco pipes for beginners?

A meerschaum pipe is made from the mineral meerschaum, which is also known as sepiolite. This white mineral, which is primarily found in Turkey, is soft enough that it is comparable to soap. Its elasticity makes it possible to be handcrafted before being hardened and polished.

Aside from its eye-catching design, a meerschaum pipe is highly functional. It naturally filters and absorbs moisture and tars due to its porous nature. The more you use it, the more it turns from white to light brown.

Best Tobacco Pipes for Beginners: Essential Tools

If you plan to use tobacco pipe, you better get familiar with the essential tools for pipe smoking that will enhance your smoking experience as well.

Pipe Cleaner

Tobacco pipe cleaner comes in many different styles, colors, and sizes. It is usually inexpensive since it should be discarded after each use. It is an absorbent material wrapped in a thin piece of metal wire and is used to clean the shank of a pipe.


A reamer is used to remove the burr from the end of the pipe or the inside of the bowl. However, it is completely normal and a result of carbon buildup that naturally happens inside the pipe as one continues to smoke.


Tamper is a blunt instrument used to tamp down the tobacco into the bowl. It is also used to crush down and pack the ash to help with relighting.

The Best Tobacco Shop with the Best Tobacco Pipes

Finding the best tobacco pipes among the many different ones available online and in stores is quite a challenge. Good thing Mr. G’s Cigar & Tobacco Shop has got you covered. We are open both for new pipe smokers and experts to have the best smoking experience.

Mr. G’s Cigar & Tobacco Shop offers a wide selection of premium cigars, pipes, and tobacco for seasoned smokers and beginners. With the variety of cigar accessories and smoking gear that we offer, you will surely find one that fits your budget. Contact us and our knowledgeable staff will help you find what you’re looking for.

What’s next?

Now that you already have an idea about the best tobacco pipes for beginners, it’s time to take a look at our pipes and tobacco. Visit us, stay awhile, and enjoy your cigars.

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