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Lane Black Raspberry

Lane Limited's Black Raspberry combines their premium quality, rich black Cavendish, made from Green River Burley with a golden Cavendish made from top-notch flue-cured Virginias, and tops it off with an amazingly robust raspberry flavor with one of the most enjoyable aromas of any blend. You’ll get the taste of a sweet tart and feel like you’ve just stepped foot into a pastry shop with the enticing smell of this Black Raspberry tobacco.

Lane Buttered Rum

Now there's a new addition to Lane Limited's bulk lineup, Lane Buttered Rum, that features the traditional sweet and zesty flavor of rum, has been added to tobacco since the days of wooden sailing ships. This easy-smoking blend has a lightly sweet flavor and wonderful room note with the quality folks have come to expect from Lane Limited.

Golden Virginia (MV-1000)

Lane Limited’s MV-1000 is a modern classic blend made of superb matured golden Virginia tobaccos with an easy to pack fine ribbon cut. Subtly enhanced with a silky, creamy vanilla note, it has a smooth, lightly sweet flavor and a crowd-pleasing aroma. MV-1000 stays lit easily and the naturally sweet flavor of the leaf comes through because the top note is subtle.

Lane Very Cherry

Very Cherry begins with mellow, nutty Burley, and smooth, sweet Virginias, along with a touch of Lane's famous, soft black Cavendish, to create an easy-smoking blend. That, you might think, would be enough, but Lane turns the dial by adding one of the zestiest cherry flavors you'll ever encounter. The flavor is somewhat subdued, but the aroma will please anyone who enjoys the aroma of cherries.

RLP-6 (Black Cavendish / Burley / Virginia)

RLP-6 has long been one of our biggest sellers, and it’s easy to see why. A perfect all-day tobacco pleaser for any pipe enthusiast. This terrific blend combines excellent Virginias, smooth, nutty Burleys, and steamed and toasted black Cavendish. RLP-6 tobacco is perfectly enhanced with rich, warm vanilla, caramel, and chocolate notes for a sweet flavor and a phenomenal aroma. RLP-6 is a zesty blend that gets better as you smoke all day long.

Lane Black Cavendish (BCA)

Lane's BCA is a fire-cured and steamed Cavendish tobacco with an amazingly rich yet pleasant aroma that is so easy on the tongue that it can easily be smoked all day. BCA is far and away the most popular black Cavendish tobacco on the market and is very popular as an addition to other blends.

Lane 1-Q

Lane Limited 1-Q is a blend of golden Virginia and black Cavendishes that delivers a smooth flavor complemented by an aroma that everyone loves. This Lane mixture has been the largest selling bulk pipe tobacco in the United States for decades. 1-Q is a quality everyday tobacco to get behind for its pleasing aroma, easy smoke, and affordable price.

Lane Hazelnut

Hazelnut is a superbly balanced blend of golden Virginia and Burley with a smattering of rich toasted and steamed Cavendish that smokes easily and coolly. What makes this popular blend such a hit is the wonderfully pleasant addition of slightly sweet and fragrant hazelnut flavor. If you prefer a mellow aromatic that lets the tobacco shine through, you'll love Lane Hazelnut.

Lane BCA Black Cavendish

Lane Limited's pleasant BCA, or Black Cavendish Aromatic, is the first pipe tobacco I ever smoked nearly 30 years ago, and it's still my absolute favorite! It always provides a cool, smooth smoking experience in virtually any pipe. Vanilla flavor, but not too overwhelming, with hints of licorice and chocolate.

Lane HG-2000

HG-2000 is the blend that started the Burley and black genre of aromatics, and though it’s been copied time and again, it’s still the best. This blend packs easily and isn’t overly moist, so it stays lit easily. The smooth flavor and pleasant aroma make the Lane Limited HG-2000 a terrific choice.

Lane HGL

HGL is a mixture of black Cavendish laced with smoky Latakia blended with mellow white Burley and golden Virginia to produce a sweet, fuller-bodied smoke, that is still cool and slow-burning. This was purported to be the personal blend of Herman G. Lane, the man who made Lane Limited what it is today. If you like a pleasant aroma but miss the taste of Latakia, Lane HGL should hit the spot.

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