Are Cigars Best Stored Naked?

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Tubed Cigars. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whether you buy cigars by the box or you buy a handful at a time, many cigar smokers wonder whether they should remove their cigars from the cellophane wraps or tubes when placing them in your humidor.  One of the reasons why cigars come in packing is to prevent damage from handling while in the cigar shop.  Many of you have probably come across this dilemma as well, especially when it comes to cigars that come in tubes.

It’s important to remove your cigars from cellophane wrapping and tubes when you bring them home and store the cigars in your humidor.  The wrapping may prevent your cigars from receiving the proper amount of humidity from reaching your cigars.  If you plan on transporting your cigars, you may wish to keep the cellophane wrapping on to prevent damage. After placing your cigars in your humidor, you may wish to also keep a few cellophane wraps for transporting your cigars at a later time.  Of course, the best way to transfer your cigars is to purchase a pocket humidor.

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