Specialty Blends McClelland Pipe Tobacco

(Specialty Blends) McClelland

Pipe Tobaccos

40 th Anniversary (1977)

Superb North Carolina Red Virginia worthy of a very special occasion. Let’s celebrate with this rich, sweet, mellow tobacco in a classic Virginia Flake, the kind of beautiful leaf readily available in 1977 but a rare treasure in 2017, with a great cellaring potential.

Black Shag 221B Series

Sherlock Holmes kept it in the toe of a Persian slipper nailed to the mantlepiece. It was dry and strong. Kept at what we today have deduced to be proper smoking moisture and smoked gently, this excellent, this excellent stoved shag will provide hours of smoking pleasure. Smoke at once, if convenient. Examine the ash carefully.

Easy Street

Cool as the coolest jazz, soft as velvet nights, rich and creamy. A whisper of English Walnut perfects this elegant Black Cavendish.

Syrian Super Balkan

Lavishly flavorful Balkan blend using the finest dark, fragrant, cool-smoking Syrian Latakia, and seasoned with top-grade Louisiana Perique. Rich and mellow.

Best of Show

A blue-ribbon blend of America’s finest tobaccos. You’ll judge it full-flavored, satisfying, mild. We have polished it off with nougat flavoring. Tastefully opulent. A winner.

Deep Hollow

Far into the woods, away from the urban cacophony, is where this lightly fragrant blend of rich red and black stoved Virginias is designed transport you. Relax and enjoy the moment.

Chocolate Silk

Black Cavendish and golden Virginias seasoned with dark chocolate and nougat to create a smooth elegant evening smoke, gentle yet full-flavored.

Taste Master

A smooth, creamy, chocolate-flavored aromatic pipe tobacco. It is gentle on the palate and abundantly flavorful throughout, owing to the excellence.

Vintage Virginia Flake

This high sugar Virginia tobacco was aged five years before it was pressed, sliced and tinned in 2005. The complex flavors that develop with age are already revealing themselves in 200 grams.

Grey Havens

A lightly fragrant Burley and Matured Virginia blend. The rich taste of fine natural tobaccos subtly enhanced with a mellow ad pleasing fragrance. Experience smooth Burley flavor with a hint of distinctive Louisiana Perique.

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